What effect do AWSI’s animal welfare recommendations have on food quality?

Scientific studies show that the meat of stressed fish has poorer product quality than the meat of fish that have not been exposed to stress factors. Severe or repetitive stress can lead to altered color, tissue fluid leakage and structural changes in the filet, as well as weight loss during freezing and smoking. 

By implementing the animal welfare measures from AWSI’s recommendations, stress can be reduced to the utmost extent. This improves food quality.

Source: Wedekind, H. (2004) Lebensmittelqualität beim Fisch – Konsequenzen für die Hälterung und Aufbewahrung. Seminar »Tierschutz in der Fischerei«, edition 2, series of the Fisheries Association of the state of Baden-Wurttemberg (Landesfischereiverbandes Baden-Württemberg e.V.).