Becoming an AWSI member

Who can join us?

In principle, AWSI is open to all interested parties who wish to make their own technical contributions to the topic of “animal welfare and sustainable aquaculture” or implement such contributions in their respective fields of activity.

In particular, participation of experts with a focus on aquaculture, animal welfare, or animal health from the following areas is desired and sought:

  • Science and administration
  • Food retailing
  • Fishery science and aquaculture companies
  • Representatives from recognized professional non-governmental organizations
  • Certification bodies and certifiers

AWSI operates transnationally from Germany with the goal of incorporating existing and new initiatives from other countries and achieving the broadest possible international impact.

AWSI participation is possible upon invitation by the project coordinator and after signing a letter of intent, a non-disclosure agreement and a declaration of compliance with antitrust regulations.

How is negotiation done?

AWSI’s negotiating language is German; English is spoken in the case of international participation.

Anyone participating in AWSI activities on behalf of a company or organization shall, to the best of his or her knowledge, ensure that he or she has a negotiating mandate on the issues to be discussed prior to each consultation round.

AWSI members undertake to treat each other with respect and to communicate in a spirit of mutual appreciation.

It is in the common interest of all participants that deliberations on all topics up for decision lead to a consensus whenever possible, in order to take the greatest possible step towards achieving AWSI’s goals.

Which obligation arise?

There are no costs or fees associated with participation in AWSI activities until further notice.

For invited external experts and representatives of non-profit organizations, reimbursement of travel expenses can be provided by the project coordinator upon request.

In consideration of the Covid-19 pandemic, joint face-to-face events are currently suspended. Information is exchanged via email correspondence, webinars and online meetings.

For more information and to request membership materials, please contact the project coordinator.

Project coordinator and contact

Stefan-Andreas Johnigk, MSc. (graduate biologist, “Diplom-Biologe”)
Aquaculture Welfare Standards Initiative (AWSI)
Wischhofstr. 1-3, building 1 (market hall), 1st floor
D-24148 Kiel