African catfish (Clarias)

The freshwater fish is characterized by its robustness and rapid growth. Another distinctive feature is that the African catfish is able to breathe air.

African catfish production in aquaculture has increased significantly in recent years. The output is currently around 240,000 tons per year. In Germany, about 1,025 tons of African catfish were produced in 2020 (FIZ, 2021). This places catfish in the medium range of fish species produced in Germany (FIZ, 2021). Worldwide, production takes place in various production systems, from pond systems to recirculation systems.

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Few bones, a wide food spectrum and comparatively easy farming make pangasius a popular fish for aquaculture. In 2018, about 2.3 million tons of pangasius (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) were produced worldwide (FAO, 2020), a large proportion of which was produced in Vietnam. The fish species, native to Southeast Asia, lives in freshwater. Breeding takes place in net pens, quangs (cordoned-off river areas) and pond facilities.

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